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C.B & S Cleaning Service

We guarantee quality and you can expect us to be attentive to very small details and to be sensitive to your needs. We redefined cleaning service into something far better than traditional cleaning services. All our service personnel are bonded, with guarantors known by us. You can be sure that your place is both kept clean and safe.

Work Execution Plan

  • All personnel permanently or temporarily appointed to sites are neatly dressed at all times in C.B & S Cleaning Services work wear, they are courteous and are fully aware of the fact that they are in a work environment.
  • Proper and efficient supervision will be provided on site.
  • The scope of services and work includes the provision of labour, cleaning consumable, accessories and equipment required for the provision of cleaning services in all areas.
  • C.B & S Services will provide comprehensive cleaning service that ensures a neat, clean and healthy environment at all times.
  • We will maintain the approach areas and external surrounds of the premises in a neat, clean and tidy condition.
  • We will maintain and clean all internal public and common areas, including lobbies, entrance halls, corridors, staircases, restroom facilities, and all common areas.
  • We will maintain stock control of restroom consumables.
  • We will ensure waste is regularly disposed of in the recommended area in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • We will take reasonable steps to avoid or minimise the possibility of harm to the health and safety of any person.
  • We will fully and fairly notify the Company where hazardous goods or materials will be on site to ensure that the appropriate security and safety measures are taken.
  • C.B & S Services will ensure compliance to the Company’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies, while preserving the client’s capital assets, corporate image and ensuring serviceability at all times, even outside of schedule times.
  • C.B & S Services will comply with all rules and regulation relating to the site, directions and instructions given for the convenience and piece of occupiers.

Supervision and Quality Control

Supervision of work for effective and detailed result will be ensured by the following workers:

  • Coordinates all cleaning activities.
  • Supervises and ensures detailed work is done.
  • Manages the use and administration of all consumables, accessories and equipment on site.
  • Ensures proper upkeep of all items used on sites.
  • Submits a weekly report on site to the Quality Control Officer.
  • Makes weekly visitation to all sites under the unit.
  • Compiles weekly report of sites for management.
  • Ensures absolute cleaning standards at all sites.
  • Ensures that all workers adhere to the HSE policy of the company.
  • Ensures that workers adhere to the rules and regulations of the company.
  • Ensures good welfare of all workers.
  • Collates feedback and ensures prompt and positive response.

Service Booking

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