Why Choose Us?

  • žWe will provide comprehensive cleaning service that ensures a neat, clean and healthy environment at all times.
  • žWe will maintain and clean all internal public and common areas, including lobbies, entrance halls, corridors, staircases, restroom facilities, and all common areas.
  • We will maintain the approach areas and external surrounds of the premises in a neat, clean and tidy condition.
  • žWe will fully and fairly notify the Company where hazardous goods or materials will be on site, to ensure that the appropriate security and safety measures are taken.
  • žWe will ensure compliance to the Company’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies, while preserving the client’s capital assets, corporate image and ensuring serviceability at all times, even outside of schedule times.
  • Our crew will comply with all rules and regulation relating to the site, directions and instructions given for the convenience and peace of occupiers.
  • On every site we station a site supervisor. The site supervisor coordinates all cleaning activities, supervises and ensures detailed work is done, manages the use and administration of all consumables and accessories and equipment on site, ensures proper upkeep of all items used on sites and submits a weekly report on site to the Quality Control Officer.
  • Our Quality Control officer makes weekly visitation to all sites under the unit, compiles weekly report of sites for management, ensures absolute cleaning standards at all sites, ensures that all workers adhere to the Health, Safety and Environment policy of the company, ensures that workers adhere to the rules and regulations of the company, ensures good welfare of all workers, collates feedback and ensures prompt and positive response.